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  • ‘The Tender Bar’ Review

    ‘The Tender Bar’ Review

    #TheTenderBar Review: “Even though Clooney’s return to the director’s chair is a bit lacklustre and a by-the-numbers adaptation, it’s Ben Affleck’s performance as Uncle Charlie that elevates the script to make this a decent watch.”

  • ‘Being the Ricardos’ Review

    ‘Being the Ricardos’ Review

    By: Amanda Guarragi Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz shaped American television in the early 50s. The slapstick comedy that Lucy did so well brought so much joy and laughter into everyone’s homes. Even though “Lucy” was her persona, Lucille Ball had a tough rise to fame as a woman in the industry. She went through…

  • ‘River’ Review

    ‘River’ Review

    By: Amanda Guarragi When someone experiences a great loss, it can deeply affect them. It can change their mental state and alter their emotional capacity to actually feel things. There are stages of grief that everyone experiences differently, and if the people around you are not able to handle these outbursts of emotions, then it…

  • ‘Without Remorse’ Review

    ‘Without Remorse’ Review

    By: Amanda Guarragi Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse is about a Navy Seal, named John Clark (Michael B. Jordan), who goes on a path to avenge his wife’s murder only to find himself inside of a larger conspiracy. You have Michael B. Jordan leading an interesting cast that doesn’t really work for some strange reason. The…

  • I Care A Lot Review

    I Care A Lot Review

    By: Amanda Guarragi As we all know, films can be a representation of society. Which means, that there can be genuinely good people as protagonists, or morally flawed, complex and bad people as protagonists. Some films want to showcase these disturbed protagonists with ideologies that counter the government or any system put in place. I…