Jumanji: The Next Level Review

Jumanji: The Next Level definitely raised the bar in every single aspect. The stakes were higher, the character relationships ran deeper and the obstacles were difficult. 

Jake Kasdan brought the same fun excitement from the first one and added a different level of humour. The old age jokes coming from Danny Glover’s, Milo Walker and Danny DeVito’s, Grandpa Eddie were stellar and even funnier when voiced by Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. Hart and Johnson have such a wholesome friendship and it shined through their portrayal of Milo and Eddie. 

What I loved about this sequel is that it stays true to the original and it continues to add onto the world they created. Sure, there are plot holes but it’s very entertaining. At times the old man jokes got repetitive but Hart and Johnson’s delivery made it bearable. 

The star of this movie was, and always will be, Karen Gillan as Ruby Roundhouse. She takes the leadership role from these lost souls and controls every scene she’s in. Her chemistry with the comedy legend Jack Black was great in the first half of this film! Black, Gillan, Hart and Johnson had better comedic timing in this sequel because of old man jokes. 

This was such a fun film, I loved seeing them all together again and the additional characters, even Awkwafina all brought their A game. I can’t really spoil the body swaps but Awkwafina does a great job with her character!

Zombieland: Double Tap Review

I don’t even have words for how fantastic this was. 

This was definitely a long awaited sequel and boy did it deliver! Zombieland: Double Tap is written to perfection, the jokes were timely and the storyline was as simple as the first one. I haven’t laughed this hard in a while and boy did all the jokes land. 

Woody Harrelson is one of the best actors of this generation and it’s because he is so incredibly versatile. I personally feel that he should do more comedies because he truly shines with this kind of script. Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg have wonderful chemistry and Eisenberg doesn’t get the credit for having great comedic timing. Emma Stone was slick and sarcastic which was fantastic with the addition of “Madison” played by the knockout Zoey Deutch. Deutch stole the whole movie, she played the typical blonde millennial and absolutely nailed it! 

The writing was so strong and I loved the journey they went on with trying to find a stable home. That’s why Zombieland works, it’s because there’s a heartfelt message under some bloody zombies and wicked rock music. 

I want them to make another one in 10 years and try to incorporate as much as they can about the next decade. Zombieland: Double Tap showed the society we are living in now, just by the characters that were added! Such a strong sequel, we definitely need a saga!

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Review

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil was a wonderful sequel and Angelina Jolie was born to play this role. 

The beauty of this sequel, is that the writers believed in the story they wanted to tell and the execution was flawless. This is why telling stories from the villains point of view is important. The villain is always seen as the wrong one BUT there could be more evil people out there, than the villains we all know and love. There is a reason villains become villains and I think, as storytellers, it’s important for filmmakers to tackle that kind of narrative. In this case Maleficent was cast as a villain but the real evil was in the kingdom. 

They made Maleficent so powerful and the love she had for Aurora was heartwarming. No one else could have played this role so well and it’s because Angelina Jolie embodies the fierce queen that Maleficent is and she naturally gives off a maternal energy. This story was beautifully written and definitely pulled at the heartstrings. 

The film is about unity and loving your neighbour. It was beautiful to see all the Dark Feys, from all over the world showing their different powers and characteristics. The production design and the special effects were lovely and the woodland creatures from the Moors were so adorable. The visuals were stunning and I’m happy I was able to watch this in IMAX!