The Academy’s Netflix Debate

After a full week of processing the Oscars telecast, the Green Book Best Picture win and Steven Spielberg’s attempt to bar Netflix from Academy Awards consideration… I finally understand why Green Book won.

The Academy itself has lost credibility because it has become a popularity contest over the past decade. Once they added TEN Best Picture nominations it became difficult to award the films that truly deserve to win.

Green Book did not deserve that Best Picture win. That film was not a progressive win as many people think it is. It’s a white man’s version of racism and that is what’s wrong with the white lens when making racially charged films. Green Book had the worst Oscar run in history because of all the controversy with Dr. Shirley’s family, Peter Farrelly’s alleged sexual harassment, Nick Vallelonga’s tweets supporting Trump’s Muslim Ban and Mahershala Ali apologizing to Dr. Shirley’s family for all the inaccuracies in this film. How can a film be so incredibly flawed and still win Best Picture? Well, it’s because it was the safe choice and they did not want to make the Oscars political or fuel Netflix as a major power.

In the following podcast I discuss the future of cinema and why it’s wrong to control creativity and censor the Academy.

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