Captain Marvel (SPOILER FREE) Review

The most powerful Avenger has arrived.

Thanos watch your back.

Captain Marvel finally has her moment in the spotlight and it was a good start to her story. Brie Larson perfectly embodied Carol Danvers and kicked ass as Captain Marvel. She really studied the character and she made it effortless, this was definitely the role for her.

Brie Larson’s chemistry with Samuel L. Jackson was so natural and lovely that their bond carried the movie. This was also Sam Jackson’s best performance out of all the movies in the MCU and I’m happy we got to see this side of him.

Captain Marvel played off of the Marvel nostalgia and found humour in the 90s. It was a lot of fun and the character dynamics were the glue that held everything together.

However, the first half was very messy and confusing. I had trouble getting into her story at the beginning because they dragged out the story on Kree, when the real focus should have been on Earth and her memories. The screenplay needed work but the humour was spot on and to be honest, it was kind of refreshing. The editing was very choppy and the flashbacks did not add much to her story because it was all over the place. Once Carol Danvers met up with her best friend Maria Rambeau played but the wonderful Lashana Lynch, the film began to feel natural.

The second act really picked up and I just wanted more of everything! Once she got control of her powers it was very exciting and Carol Danvers was having fun playing with what her energy can do. The origin story was solid but I just wanted more of her backstory, I just don’t think they did a good job in covering every aspect of her life.

It was a great film to go into Endgame with and that’s all I can say about Captain Marvel, it was just a stepping stone… it’s kind of like the character film was a plot device in order to push the greater picture.

The Stan Lee tribute at the beginning made me cry and his cameo was classic!

Stay for that post credit scene because it got my blood pumping more than the entirety of the film itself.

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