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Dark Phoenix Review

Dark Phoenix is the final instalment in the X-Men universe and I have to admit that it was a pretty decent send off.

Over the years I have grown attached to the mutants because their issues were deeply rooted in humanity and we all see each other. So many people can relate to the X-Men in one way or another and I think that the franchise has done wonders for those who feel like they are different.

The X-Men franchise has been fairly consistent and they all finally showed their maximum power in Dark Phoenix. This film was a standard X-Men film. If you’re a fan of the franchise, you really won’t be disappointed because it’s exactly what you would expect. What Kinberg did that was great is that he kept the same tone of the universe and I really appreciated that.

I thought it was great that Jean Grey was finally front and centre, Sophie Turner was fantastic and I wish we could see more of her in this role! I loved that they showed her full power, especially when going toe to toe with Magneto! I felt like there wasn’t enough time to watch her soar and I wanted to see so much more!

It was actually really hard for me to say goodbye to them. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender have done an extraordinary job in bringing Charles and Eric to life. The final scene with them getting ready to play chess made me tear up because it is the end of the X-Men, it’s the end of an era with these actors and it’s really sad.

The beauty of Dark Phoenix is that even though it’s a standalone, it still fits with the rest of the franchise and gives us more to enjoy from each character. The entire franchise still holds up and I will definitely keep them close to my heart.


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