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Lucy in the Sky Review

Noah Hawley’s feature film, directorial debut was interesting to say the least.

It started with Lucy (Natalie Portman) up in space overlooking the entire Earth. Hawley’s visuals were stunning and the sound design worked with what he attempted to do. It was a very experimental film and I commend him for thinking outside the box with this one. The visuals and the ever-changing aspect ratio in the first half kept me guessing where the frame was going to go next.

The story however, got lost and I didn’t really understand where Lucy’s story was heading towards the middle. Of course, Natalie Portman put on a clinic with her performance, but it wasn’t enough to save this boring and lifeless portrayal, of an astronaut, who felt like her life was meaningless now after being in space. It was a generic story about an astronaut who is having an existential crisis, except this film was prettier.

The runtime is tedious, considering that NOTHING happens, until the last 15 minutes and the 3rd act seemed like a feminist twist that didn’t need to be incorporated. There were pieces of dialogue that were so strong and I just wish it was consistent throughout because THEN it would have been an empowering female led film.

I understood what Hawley and Portman were trying to do but the execution of the story just didn’t land and for a film that’s called “Lucy in the Sky”, she was grounded the entire film and we only saw her in space once.

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