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‘Grace Fury, A Voice With Legs’ Review

By: Amanda Guarragi

Grace Fury, A Voice With Legs is an interesting documentary that highlights the art form of dance. Laura Carruthers, leads a world-class performing artists in a feature film memoir that explores unique choreography and cinematography to express the internal thoughts of performers. It is a cross between dance theatre and autobiographical documentary. Dance has always been about connecting to the theme or mood of the music that is being used. It is a form of expression and Carruthers speaks on how challenging it can be to build projects for film and stage, anywhere in the space.

She pays homage to the Classical and Scottish Highland dance traditions. While doing so, she expresses her thoughts about dance and the connectivity it has to everyone’s emotions. The documentary has great camerawork and very soft framing to show the beauty of the choreography. She took the time to show how beautiful the art form can be, as she adds a voice-over explaining how she is feeling and how her world works. It is truly a reflection of Laura’s years in the arts. She brought together her passion of cinema and dance to present unique visuals, so the viewer will be able to connect to the movements.

You almost enter into a trance while watching it because, in a way, it does have some experimental elements. The post-production team did a very good job on the editing, as it is always hard to create something, with multiple shots, for live performances. That is what impressed me the most, was the playfulness of the camera when moving with her dancers on stage. It really did capture the beauty of the art form and how fluid those movements are. People don’t realize how much of your own spirit goes into those movements and connecting with them.

Grace Fury, A Voice With Legs showcases dance theatre in a unique way, while discussing the difficulties of building projects in the field. There’s a level of calmness that comes with watching these performances and how there is so much honesty in the way she is delivering her thoughts. To see the love of the art form through this documentary was refreshing and inspiring. True creatives and artists will appreciate the work that has been done.

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