Candid Cinema

‘Feel Good’ Season 2 Explores Queer Relationships And Self-Expression

By: Amanda Guarragi

At one point in time, we have all struggled with who we are. It is always hard to understand the changes that we go through and we turn to television shows/films to guide us in some way. This generation is very fortunate to have projects that highlight mental illness, addiction, and queer relationships. Feel Good season two shows Mae (Mae Martin) recovering from her drug addiction and struggling to rebuild her life, especially her relationship with George (Charlotte Ritchie). Mae needs to take the necessary steps to heal from their trauma and this season takes an in-depth look in how to move forward in a healthy way.

There have been shows that balance humour with difficult subjects. Having Mae as a comedian (a version of Mae Martin’s own personal life), gives the character the ability to reflect on their own life and emotions in a very candid way. The writing for Mae and George perfectly captures how others could be feeling. The conversations had in this season, can allow audiences to understand the fluidity of sexual identity, and that is something we need more of. It also highlights one’s sexual expression when coming out to the world and fully being themselves. Charlotte is exploring her sexual desires in this relationship with Mae, while Mae is mending her heart and trying to define what love means.

The show finds its balance when delivering difficult emotional moments while adding one-liners that are perfectly placed to lighten the mood. The ghosts of Mae’s past come to the forefront in this season. Mae needs to make amends with her parents and get some closure from her past life. People enter our lives for different reasons and can have expectations from relationships. What others don’t understand is that everyone is constantly growing and evolving. Which eventually leads to a change in perspective, especially in situations that aren’t healthy.

Feel Good season two is refreshing, emotional and very funny at times. As Mae and George struggle with their relationship, you can see some awkwardness regarding certain situations. What audiences can appreciate from Feel Good season two is its honesty in showing how life truly is. Life can be messy, relationships can be difficult and finding your own identity is truly a journey. There is great chemistry between the whole cast and the show highlights all of their strengths throughout. If you are looking for a show to kick off Pride month, then this is definitely the one.

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