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Parasite Review

Parasite is THE movie of the year.

Bong Joon Ho delivers a masterpiece about classicism, morality, opportunities and wit. It is masked as a family con job that was exciting to watch from the start. The first half shows intelligence, humour and a masterclass of acting. As we go on this journey of manipulating the rich and seizing opportunities, the intricate web that was formed by the family begins to tangle and leads to the ultimate destruction.

The one line that stood out to me and brought me to tears was, Kang Ho Song’s delivery of “You know what plan never fails? No plan.” he then proceeds to say that life cannot be planned. This was the moment that struck me the most because after everything that the family had gone through together, life happens and it cannot be controlled, it can change in a second.

There were many small, joyous moments shared between the 4 family members and reflecting back on those moments, they were unified and had faith in each other in playing out this con job on the rich. Life is a whirlwind and this film truly opens your eyes to the world of the unplanned. It shows that people who are poverty stricken, did not choose this life, it’s the system that is against them. Many people can be intelligent without attending post secondary and this film shows that having the plan to go, doesn’t mean you can go because there are plenty of other factors… like money.

Bong Joon Ho’s direction was fantastic and the screenplay continued to get more intriguing as the film went on. It’s a brilliant film that has so many layers, it’s the best of the year.

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