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‘Home Sweet Home Alone’ Review

By: Amanda Guarragi

After two months of watching horror movies, it’s time to switch gears and get into the Christmas spirit. Disney’s Home Sweet Home Alone is a fun adventure for the whole family. Yes, we know the original Home Alone is truly something special, but little Archie Yates brings his own charm when playing Max Mercer. The concept is roughly the same but the execution is a tad bit different and modernized. It is a fun family movie but just like it’s predecessor, it’s all about the kids having fun watching another kid getting to do whatever they want without their parents around, and that’s the goal.

The reason why this one was a bit different was because the focus wasn’t on Max Mercer at first. Instead, the focus was on this other couple, named Pam (Ellie Kemper) and Jeff (Rob Delaney), who have been dealing with financial issues and they can’t afford to live in their home anymore. Jeff lost his job and is looking to find another source of income. As he searches Google, he comes across this rare doll on eBay that is going for $20,000. Luckily, he is one of the owners of the precious few that have been sold, the issue is that it has been taken and he desperately needs to get it back.

On the other side of things, Max lives in a very hectic household and secretly wants his family to disappear. Sure enough, the very next day, Max gets his wish and his family leaves him at home while they go to Tokyo. It seems a bit too far and random in this case but hey, the kid still gets his wish. The best part of the movie is Max just enjoying his free time and doing everything he has always dreamed of doing. He plays video games all day, builds a new Lego set, and eats all the junk food he can. Then when the pranks come in, it pays homage to one Kevin McAllister, while adding a really funny VR headset piece to update the shenanigans.

Home Sweet Home Alone isn’t as charming as the original but it is a playful, updated version for a new generation. Either way, the Home Alone movies will always be dear to our hearts and will keep us laughing at the slapstick comedy. It does get a bit too over the top and repetitive at times, but Archie Yates is adorable and fun; the movie will just fly by because of him. There is a great supporting cast who is committed to the story and they are able to deliver on the comedic beats so the parents can also enjoy the adult humour. It definitely gets you in the Christmas spirit and that’s what we all need right now.

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