Candid Cinema

‘Senior Year’ Review

By: Amanda Guarragi

There are many people out there who would love to go back to high school – with the knowledge they have now – and do things a bit differently. Depending on which clique you were part of in high school, everyone has their own experience. As long as you had a great group of friends around you, high school wasn’t so bad. One thing is for sure, that no matter when you went to high school, the popularity contest was still prevalent. Even watching a movie like Senior Year makes you reminisce about the fun times and also the times when you would cringe because of how awkward certain situations were. Everyone had a different high school experience and everyone can relate to a film like this.

After a cheerleading stunt went wrong, Stephanie (Rebel Wilson) landed in a 20-year coma. Now she’s 37, newly awake and ready to live out her high school dream: becoming prom queen. It does feel a bit generic as far as older people returning to high school to fulfill their dream, but Rebel Wilson is back. Here’s the issue with Senior Year, if you are a fan of Rebel Wilson’s humour then you really will enjoy this, but it feels like this type of humour is outdated. When Wilson first stepped onto the big screen in Pitch Perfect that awkward humour was funny, but there are only so many films that you can place it in. Wilson grasps at straws because the jokes just didn’t land and her character was more irritating than anything.

The one good thing about Senior Year is the social commentary surrounding social media, cliques, and how technology consumes teenagers. There is one thing that Stephanie said in the film that rings true, that the popularity contest that used to be in high school just expanded into the virtual world of social media. Everyone is worried about comparing themselves to other people and social media has made people doubt the nature of their true selves. It’s difficult to be on social media at any age, but now teenagers are growing up with it. It can harm one’s self-esteem and personal image. Sometimes, people can even lose themselves to the pressure of an online persona.

Is Senior Year as deep as it could have been regarding the social commentary on social media and popularity? No, but it does give you that nostalgic 90s feeling while watching the movie. It’s a fun watch just to feel like you’re back in that high school state of mind, but it doesn’t deliver on the laughs. Sam Richardson is also in this and he is just a charming ray of light that saves certain scenes in this movie. If you want to see Rebel Wilson back in action, then this is the movie for you this weekend. It’s light, fun, and does warm the heart. It brings all the awkwardness of high school back again and you may suffer from secondhand embarrassment. There are some decent emotional moments, but ultimately it just doesn’t stick the landing as a whole.

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