‘Wedding Season’ Review

By: Amanda Guarragi

Romantic comedies are usually a reflection of the social climate we currently live in. And dating in this generation has been even more difficult than before. The one thing that remains the same is the pressure families put on their children to get married, especially their daughters. They don’t realize that careers can sometimes take over the void of not having a partner by their side. Getting lost in their work after a failed relationship can sometimes be more fulfilling than diving into the dating pool again. Working towards your own goals should be seen as something rewarding, instead of it seeming like it’s taking away precious time from dating and starting a family. Each generation has been through its hardships, and sometimes the relationship aspect is placed on the back burner. In Wedding Season, there’s this exploration of what it truly means to be happy. It’s more of a self-fulfilling journey than a community-based one according to how Indian families operate. 

In true rom-com fashion, Asha (Pallavi Sharda) and Ravi (Suraj Sharma) pretend to date after their parents set them up to avoid the pressures that come with the summer wedding season, only to find them falling for each other. We have seen this story many times before, but they did manage to add something new to the mix. Asha is very career oriented after things ended badly in her last relationship. And Ravi is just floating by trying to just live life for himself. The key to any romantic comedy is banter and chemistry, which is what they both had. Sharda and Sharma were very natural with each other and that is why it felt like the easiest pairing in the world. It was interesting to watch their dynamic change throughout the movie as they both fell for each other. It’s getting to know the person without even trying that strengthens the relationship. Asha was very transparent from the start, but Ravi was not, which causes some issues later on.

We have seen families get in the way of relationships before and what this movie teaches everyone is that children do not live to make their parents happy. These decisions have changed over generations, and now it’s more about being content with someone who brings you peace, no matter the status. It was lovely to see different couples from all races and religions come together over this wedding season. All couples face insecurities and hardships, and this movie shows all of that effectively. Nothing is ever perfect and that is why if you truly love someone, you will always work at that relationship no matter what. There are many lessons in this movie and it was heartwarming seeing everything work out in the end. Sure, it’s a bit generic, but the cultural authenticity of the family unit and the wedding season added another layer to this genre. Parents always want the best for their kids because they had it difficult growing up. They want them to prosper and have a better life, but sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming. 

Wedding Season is a sweet romantic comedy written by Shiwani Srivastava and directed by Tom Dey for Netflix. It does have some lovely moments between the two leads and they will most likely steal everyone’s hearts. Many have been through a situation similar to Asha and Ravi, and it’s almost like validating those feelings or situations. Love comes in all forms and relationships can flourish in the strangest ways. It begins as a community effort from both sets of parents, but then ultimately it was Asha’s ability to open herself up to the idea of loving someone again. A similar romantic comedy storyline is there, but the actors within the family unit, and the leads give it something extra. It’s a very nice addition to the romantic comedy section in the Netflix library.

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