Candid Cinema

Hollyshorts 2022 Selection: ‘The Blood of Dinosaurs’ Review

By: Amanda Guarragi

The Blood of the Dinosaurs is an impressive abstract look at the way everyone consumes media. On the surface level, it’s pure entertainment and sometimes that is all anyone can register. No one fully understands what goes on behind closed doors and that is what this short film highlights in a nice compact little way. It shows the many years of people only accepting the perfect side of media or even of a person without diving in a bit deeper. The media has a way of presenting all of these important issues in a glorified manner so it’s easier for others to connect with it without getting too dark or personal. Director Joe Badon doesn’t shy away from showing the darkest spots in an effective, unconventional way.

There are other clips integrated to show the world changing and evolving from when the dinosaurs were on Earth. Badon was able to show a wide variety of archival footage that was worked into Uncle Bobbo’s show. He is like Mr. Rogers in this case but with a darker past that comes in pieces during the show. There are many things to uncover when watching Uncle Bobbo explain where oil comes from to the children sitting in the seats. The show is interesting because of the different voices he uses at certain times to explain the story. The set pieces are on small scale because of the way it’s positioned for audiences. Badon wanted everyone to see behind the scenes and how the camera would move with Bobbo.

The experimental elements are sprinkled throughout as there are graphic images intercut with whatever is going on in Bobbo’s mind. The production design is so bright and colourful in order to contrast the darkness that is looming over him. Bobbo finds it difficult to even teach the kids because of his loss of control and his loss of self. He doesn’t know or even understands how he got to this position in his life and it scares him. It shows how tired he is of being something he’s not in creating this persona for the kids. In a way, Badon addresses mental health in a different, more abstract way in order to make it effective. It’s more of a feeling you get when watching this than being able to explain the emotional connection to Bobbo.

The Blood of the Dinosaurs is a unique short film that has layers to it. Whether something is performative or not, the world will never know because no one bothers to actually asses what’s beneath the surface. Joe Badon crafts an interesting narrative that uses the whole scope of the time humans have spent on Earth and how all of the facts don’t matter when presenting it to children. Children’s programming has changed from educational entertainment, to solely entertainment purposes and that is what is causing conflicting ideologies among generations as well. Uncle Bobbo has a lot going on in his own mind and it is simply being projected to the kids in the audience in a different way.

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