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TIFF ’22: ‘Bros’ Review

By: Amanda Guarragi

It seems that once every five years the world is graced with one great romantic comedy for the ages. In this case, Bros is not only a wonderfully structured rom-com but a genuinely hilarious film. Nicholas Stoller and Billy Eichner used familiar moments from past rom-coms to create something quite special for the LGBTQ community. Not only does it have queer representation but it is also a story that will universally resonate with everyone. Eichner speaks so much truth about the history of queer lives and how stories have progressed. It’s authentically Eichner in comedic beats but it highlights important conversations within the community itself.

Any romantic comedy that references When Harry Met Sally multiple times is a winner in my book and that is just what Bros feels like. It’s a mixture of gay cliches, romance and modern-day dating. Everyone will feel seen in this movie because many characters have different life experiences. From the moment it starts Eichner puts the gay community on blast and reasonably describes how everything works for him. He defines what love means to him and how gay love has been manipulated to please heteronormative ideologies. This is a rated R inside track on what it’s like to date within the queer community and how difficult it can be. Eichner highlights the different ways to approach men and how to date them.

Bobby (Billy Eichner) and Aaron (Luke McFarlane) are two emotionally unavailable men who have had commitment issues in the past. They’ve never been in love and they don’t want to even attempt falling for anyone. One night when they catch each other’s eye at a bar their journey begins. Their relationship is a slow burn which is always fun to watch. Eichner and McFarlane have fantastic chemistry with each other. The reason why this movie is so entertaining and fun comes down to how honest the writing is for these characters and their experiences. The more authentic the story is for a romantic comedy the more people will connect with it. 

Bros is a romantic comedy for the modern age of dating and one of the funniest movies of the year. The most important aspect of this film is that Eichner gives general audiences an LGBTQ history lesson which is almost vital for the big screen. Their stories are part of history and people should be educated on everything the community has done up until now. This is more than just a romantic comedy; it incorporates significant authentic pieces of gay lives everywhere. Everything about Bros is lovely from beginning to end. It will have you howling at the one-liners and be one of the most quoted movies moving forward.

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