‘Falling For Christmas’ Review

By: Amanda Guarragi

Netflix is the one streaming service that knows how to get into the Christmas spirit. They have been able to pump out wholesome Christmas projects to make everyone feel warm inside. In Falling For Christmas, Sierra Belmont (Lindsay Lohan) is a hotel heiress who doesn’t know what to do with her life. She has always been privileged and under her dad’s watchful eye. He wants to look out for her, and he does this by creating a job at the Belmont Resort just for her. On the other hand, Jake Russell (Chord Overstreet) is trying to keep his Ski Lodge afloat to provide for his daughter. He even goes to Mr. Belmont (Jack Wagner) for a business proposal, but it doesn’t pan out. Like all Christmas films, there is a bit of magic and wishful thinking that can spark any situation. Sierra and Jake have fate bring them together in the most unlikely way. 

After a skiing accident, Sierra is left with amnesia, and she doesn’t remember anything before the accident. Jake is the one who finds her in the forest, and after bringing her to the hospital, they find out that she doesn’t have anyone looking for her. Jake naturally offers his Ski Lodge to help her until someone finds her. For Sierra to remember anything at all, she has to start doing normal things to jog her memory. This is where the humour comes in because she was privileged and never did household chores while she was growing up. So simple tasks like cooking, making the bed, and washing clothes were challenging for her. It was wonderful to see Lohan back on screen being adorable and charming while embracing the Christmas spirit. Her chemistry with Chord Overstreet did have some magic that made the Christmas atmosphere the perfect romantic setting at the Ski Lodge. 

Writers Jeff Bonnett and Ron Oliver use the magic of Christmas and the classic “bump on the head” storyline to make this a really sweet and heartfelt movie. There’s so much power in the memories we hold onto, and we don’t realize we’re making memories while being present in those moments. Our brains are incredibly interesting as they register such small, intimate moments without fail. It could be a certain smell or feeling tied to a memory we carry with us. Even after losing someone, those small moments stay with us, and it can be difficult to move on from those memories, just like Jake had to do with his wife. Whenever you meet someone special they could be in a different position entirely in their life, and once you get to know them, their position in your life can change. People can come into your life and change you in ways that you would have never expected. That’s why this film is one of the better Christmas releases on Netflix because of how much meaning went into the story. 

Falling For Christmas is a very sweet and heartfelt Christmas romance that has Lindsay Lohan back in her element. This perfect blend of tender moments from Jake and very clumsy moments from Sierra makes this a joy to watch. The holidays are always special because it brings people together. It’s about love, joy, and unity, and these Christmas films offer so much in some dark times. The film also addresses the emptiness of Influencer culture on social media as being shallow and self-absorbed. Sierra shows audiences that there is a better, more fulfilling way to live your life, and that is to be grounded in the simple things. The way that Sierra and Jake help each other realize the changes they need to make in their lives proves that there can be that one person to make your life better. If you want to get into the Christmas spirit, then this is one film to check out this weekend. 

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