‘You’ Season 4 Part 1 Review

By: Amanda Guarragi

You has been one of my favourite shows on Netflix and it just keeps getting better. Part one of season four flips the script on Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and has him the target. He is pulled out of his comfort zone and gets into survival mode on the streets of London. This fourth season needed to happen in order to push his character to his limits, in order for him to turn into someone completely different. What’s so great about the first five episodes is that we get to see this change in Joe and it feels like he’s growing as a person, until his past trauma boils to the top and gets him. The series has always been about Joe’s struggle to be better, to do better, and ultimately be successful. That’s why the power dynamics and status of wealth being explored in this fourth season is important to address.

You season four, part one has plenty of twists and turns. And the reason it feels like uncharted territory is because we’ve always known the way Joe thinks. Once he is placed in a different environment, he needs to scramble and he doesn’t know his next move. It feels like it’s disjointed and doesn’t fit the other seasons, but that’s the only way for this character to grow. One of two things can happen with this series; either this is the last season or something big will happen to him in part two to push him into season five. Part one does end on a cliffhanger that you won’t see coming. This series has always had great mysteries that are impossible to solve until the very end. They have always managed to tie everything together and that’s why part two is going to be one to remember.


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