Candid Cinema

IT: Chapter Two

Welcome to the final chapter of the Losers club!

The one thing I will say about this film, is that Andy Muschietti has developed such a strong persona with both of these films. The first half of IT: Chapter Two had great camerawork and transitions, that made the story flow to and from each character introduction.

IT: Chapter Two, did not exceed my expectations like the first one but it somehow still left me content with where the characters ended up. It’s always impossible to adapt a Stephen King novel and I’m very happy that they incorporated that into the film. There were pieces of dialogue that mirrored the Kubrick “The Shining” discourse and naturally Muschietti also incorporated similar scenes.

The best part about both of these chapters are the actors and their counterparts. Every single child actor and adult actor, mirrored their character perfectly and THAT is what made IT: Chapter 2 so bloody entertaining. Yes, it was very long and it dragged out BUT the character interactions were the best part of this film. Bill Hader stole the show, playing Richie so perfectly AND James Ransone nailed the hypochondriac and fast talking Eddie! Both of them were standouts for me!

Unfortunately the story somehow got away from them because they attempted to do too much with the characters. They had developed Richie’s backstory, made implications about what he was hiding and then never explored that for him. The beginning makes sense, only if you make the connection to Richie Tozier, or else it was misplaced and beyond crude to open a film in that way.

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