Candid Cinema

The Friend Review (World Premiere)

This film beautifully captures the journey of life. There can be moments that can be absolutely devastating or moments that will stay in our minds as the happiest of memories. Many people go through different struggles and The Friendshows all those obstacles. 

It’s a true story centred around cancer and how it can affect everyone surrounded by the subject. It’s a story about love, friendship and loss. I think the most beautiful part of this film, is the human connection between Casey Affleck, Dakota Johnson and Jason Segal. Their chemistry was so natural and their characters went above and beyond for each other. Their individual performances pulled at the heartstrings and they each had career bests, especially Dakota Johnson. 

I loved the editing the most in this film because of how disjointed the narrative was, yet there was the impending notion of death. There was a great balance of humour that will always tie in with grief and a genuine joy for living every second to the fullest. It’s an emotional rollercoaster and I’m happy I started the festival with this one!


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