Seberg Review

Jean Seberg was a very intriguing person. She was determined, empathetic and strong-willed. She wanted to be remembered for a piece of activism, rather than having her name in lights, as an actress. Jean Seberg was a well-rounded human being and wanted to do more for the world because she witnessed the corruption.

Jean Seberg went to America and saw the segregation between the country. She saw the blatant racism and was quickly introduced to the Black Panthers. She was instantly intrigued by Hakim Jamal, who she encountered on her plane ride to LA. She wanted to know about his cause and even more about him.

Her life sounds interesting, right? Well, it’s more effective if you read about her life than to watch this film. Seberg, does not do Jean justice whatsoever. If it weren’t for Kristen Stewart’s brilliant portrayal of the iconic actress, then this film wouldn’t have been discussed at all.

The film was NOT about the Black Panther Party, the politics got lost in the story because it was centred around Jean, BUT there still wasn’t enough content for Kristen to play with. Benedict Andrews really didn’t have a clear direction for this film and that was evident in the way he delivered certain scenes. The cinematography was very well done and the Andrews definitely knows how to frame his subjects, but the film fell flat.

I feel as if he focused too much on the surveillance aspect of the Jean Seberg case, rather than have it be a character study on this icon. This also proves that Kristen Stewart can tackle anything because this was her BEST performance, all she needs is a great script and she will eventually get the recognition she deserves.

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