Bombshell Review

The more I think about it, the more Bombshell, as a title, perfectly encapsulates this film and the various meanings of it. 

Jay Roach did a great job with the content at hand and reached new heights with integrating archival footage. The second Megyn Kelly came on screen, I was hooked. Charlize Theron transformed and embodied Kelly in every single aspect. She made me want to listen to her and learn from her. Kelly was a force and Theron exudes that power from the second she steps in the frame. I loved that they nailed the newsroom environment from the very beginning and they showed the different groups working at Fox News. 

The script was very well written and they managed to intertwine all three stories quite nicely. The pacing of the timeline was strong and the introduction of characters was seamless. You could tell that Kidman and Theron brought this story forward with purpose and their involvement was evident. 

Nicole Kidman’s portrayal of Gretchen also should be praised because it’s a different stage in a woman’s life. The three stories represented three different version’s in the newsroom. Each woman had their own story and each of them were affected by Roger Ailes. 

The one performance that cannot go unnoticed is Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Kayla, the fresh, eager, beautiful face wanting to impress Mr. Ailes, in order to land that promotion. Robbie was naive, earnest and headstrong as Kayla, which ultimately led her to be confused and reserved, after the harassment claims were broadcast. The one scene that absolutely broke me was her first meeting with Ailes… her eyes said it all and it was traumatizing. 

This film was necessary and focused on the victims of sexual assault and harassment. There were moments of internal dialogue from women in very uncomfortable situations and hopefully this creates conversations about the treatment of language between colleagues. 

It’s very well done and I didn’t expect this film to surprise me the way it did, it truly was a bombshell.

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