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Sonic The Hedgehog Review


Sonic The Hedgehog is Jeff Fowler’s directorial debut and he certainly did the most beloved SEGA character justice. I have to admit, I didn’t know what to expect going into the film but after watching the trailers, I knew I was going to have a blast… regardless of the VFX controversy.

First and foremost, the special effects were on another level. I was amazed at the world Fowler and his team created for Sonic. The VFX used for his speed was incredible and I felt overjoyed seeing him in action. There’s one scene, where Sonic plays baseball and it’s possibly one of the best use of special effects I’ve seen in a long time. I applaud everyone on the team who brought Sonic’s world to life because the special effects alone, will make you love this movie.

Sonic also becomes a fully realized character living on Earth and has lovely human elements that will pull on your heartstrings. Sonic’s dynamic with James Marsden – who I actually miss – was adorable and their friendship bloomed naturally. I also appreciated that the story had a quick pace, in order to keep up with Sonic’s electric energy. Ben Schwartz is a great voice actor and he really did a great job voicing Sonic.

My favourite part of Sonic The Hedgehog was Jim Carrey’s return to the big screen as Dr. Robotnik. I’ve missed his type of humour so much and majority of the jokes had me howling in my seat. The film is kid friendly, so naturally the slapstick, play on words humour will work for a family movie. Some jokes were cheesy, others you had to pay attention to actually understand the set up. All in all, Jim Carrey was great and was a lovely addition to the film.

Sonic The Hedgehog is a lot of fun and will make any 90s kid feel nostalgic, while introducing Sonic to a whole new generation. It’s fun for the whole family and make sure to stay until after the credits, we definitely need a sequel!

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