Uncut Gems Review

The Safdie Brothers continue to evolve into revolutionary filmmakers. Uncut Gems is exhilarating from beginning to end because they make the environment in the frame very loud and busy. The sound design, especially the sound mixing was effortless from scene to scene. 

It was a simple story about a Jewish jewellery store owner, who loved to gamble and unfortunately made some enemies. Adam Sandler’s performance in this film is absolutely brilliant and he really knocked it out of the park. The Safdie’s crafted such a crisp screenplay, it was tight knit and the dialogue was never ending. 

The execution of this story was beautiful. The film was visually appealing and incorporated experimental elements followed by flawless editing. The film had me at peak anxiety level the entire runtime but in a good way. I was jumping out of my seat in anticipation waiting to see what Sandler would do next. The film played w the idea of a gambling addiction and actually MADE you feel the addiction. It was like a drug coursing through my veins while I watched the madness unfold. 

The last 15 minutes will definitely stay with you because of how bonkers it is. Don’t miss this one!

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