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Noelle Review

Christmas came early and it’s all thanks to Disney Plus! 

Noelle is a very refreshing take on the classic tale of the night before Christmas and what goes into making that day special. The Kringles, Noelle and Nick, have watched their father Kris spread Holiday cheer across the world for years. After his passing, Nick (Bill Hader) has to take the responsibility of becoming the next Santa and his sister Noelle (Anna Kendrick) must keep his holiday spirit in check. 

Noelle has a great story and the North Pole humour has reached new corny levels. It’s a Christmas story for this generation and it gives people a new perspective on the meaning of gift giving. Once Noelle (Anna Kendrick) leaves the North Pole to find her brother Nick – who is a yoga instructor in Phoenix, Arizona – she sees an entire different world of children losing hope and adults losing faith in the goodness of people. 

It’s a heartfelt film and it also reinforces that anyone can be right for the job if they truly believe in themselves and the goodness of others. There are beautiful moments in this film, thanks to Anna Kendrick’s jovial nature, that really brought the true Christmas spirit back. Kendrick and Hader were perfectly cast for their roles and I think this deserves a sequel!

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