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Charlie’s Angels Review

Well Hello Angels,

Elizabeth Banks has brought audiences a fun action film for a new generation of angels. The story spans across many countries and offers an international new class of lady spies. Banks penned a fun screenplay and added many twists, her action scenes were filmed beautifully and reminded me a bit of Mission Impossible choreography. She really brought so much to the table and brought FUN back into the theatre.

Our lovely trio of Angels were incredible from beginning to end. Ella Balinska as the ex-MI6 agent taking the position of lead Angel, Kristen Stewart as the quirky, rugged and cutthroat Angel and newcomer Naomi Scott as the scientist gone rogue. They all had their strengths and even at their weakest they helped each other. They acknowledged their faults and talked through them. They had great chemistry and showed female relationships in different ways. Apart from the fact that they are all great actors, Banks made sure that they had fun with the roles and that’s because the story flowed nicely.

I think the most important take away from this new generation of Angels is that Banks made it international. There are a few moments that made me feel empowered and it’s because she showed women across the world, of different ethnicities, doing different tasks and showing that they are all powerful in their own way. It really was a beautiful sentiment and it was a great feeling leaving the theatre.

Banks also paid homage to previous Angels and it was a very nice touch. Please stay through the credits, as we find out that there are PLENTY of Angels in the agency and there are great surprises.

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