The Knight Before Christmas Review

Another Christmas season is upon us and it wouldn’t be complete without a Vanessa Hudgens romantic comedy.

The Knight Before Christmas is a heartwarming fairytale about our journey through life and the treatment of others surrounding us. It is filled with holiday spirit and highlights different family units, who have to spend Christmas celebrating the way it works best for them. It’s a story that shows the value in paying forward kindness, gratitude, love and the craft of gift giving.

Vanessa Hudgens as Brooke, is darling in this, as she navigates her own feelings about love and Christmas traditions. The noble knight, Sir Cole, played by Josh Whitehouse, is on his journey of self discovery, or as one would say in the 1300’s, he was sent on a Quest. Hudgens has great facial expressions and her comedic timing is perfect and Whitehouse played with the duality of speaking in his medieval language, while adding modern day slang. The references and modernization of certain words like “wench”, showed how important language is and how much it has changed. Hudgens and Whitehouse had great chemistry and it felt magical.

The true meaning of Christmas is strong in this film and it was lovely to see the kindness spread throughout. It’s also important to keep family traditions, no matter how hard it may be. Whether you’ve lost a loved one or you can’t afford the gifts you think your family deserves, you can always make new traditions and honour the Christmas spirit.

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