Last Christmas Review

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart and the very next day, you gave it away”

Emma Thompson pens an adapted screenplay from George Michael’s Last Christmas. She takes the song, dissects it and add a completely different meaning to it. If you listen to the song, it’s pretty evident how the story unfolds between Kate (Emilia Clarke) and Tom (Henry Golding) but the important thing is the lesson that is learned by the end of this film.

It’s a sweet film about a family of immigrants, from former Yugoslavia, who currently reside in London, England. Emma Thompson plays the eccentric and overbearing mother quite accurately and Emilia Clarke is the youngest daughter, who can’t get her life in order. Clarke and Thompson had such great energy and complimented each other. The family dysfunction mixed with the Christmas setting is always fitting because the pay off at the end is more meaningful.

The mystery that flows in and out of Kate’s life, is much like a ghost and Tom Webster is more than just a tall, handsome stranger.Whenever Kate is at her lowest or she feels defeated, Tom tends to show up and create some positivity in her life. Slowly, but surely, Tom mends Kate’s broken heart and helps her find her true calling.

The film may not make complete sense but the sentiment behind it is heartwarming. It shows us that we need to look deep within ourselves to rebuild our mind, body and soul. It takes time to mend our thoughts and feelings, but there is always enough time to do so. It also delivers a Christmas message, which should be used year round and that is, without even realizing it, in order to make ourselves happy we enjoy making others happy.

I also want to personally thank Emma Thompson and Paul Feig for using the best George Michael songs for the soundtrack. It’s such a lovely Christmas film and it made me feel warm inside. He definitely deserved a film like this.

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