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Good Boys Review

On the 12 year anniversary of Superbad, we have a brand new trio conveying the trials and tribulations of 13 year olds in the best way possible. I’ve even noticed that the 6th graders of today are dealing with 16 year old problems and this is where “Good Boys” comes in handy.

Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stunitsky penned the most innocent restricted film for 13 year olds I’ve ever seen. The beauty of this script, is that the adult humour is masked by the innocence of the Bean Bag Boys. Phrases that we hear everyday were not used properly and it made it humorous! It was such a simple three part story and I even learned that sometimes you grow out of people and that’s okay.

Brady Noon, Keith L. Williams and Jacob Tremblay played unconventional 13 year olds with something to prove. It was hard watching them all curse and do some very questionable things, especially golden boy Tremblay, I feel like he’s everyone’s son and he’s growing up right before our eyes!

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg continue to bring fresh comedies to the forefront and we are so blessed that they’ve been making hit after hit at the box office, proving that original comedies can make money for big distributors like Universal! Support this film and support the Bean Bag Boys!

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