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The Two Popes Review

Fernando Meirelles gave Netflix a masterpiece about the human condition, politics and Catholicism in the most beautifully shot film of the year. 

Jonathan Pryce and Anthony Hopkins put on an acting clinic and had wonderful chemistry w each other. They embodied their characters and made sure to dive into their backstories. The world has only seen their persona, in this film Meirelles gives audiences a chance to take a deeper look into the psychology of the Catholic Church and the policies of the Cardinals. 

This screenplay was written so well and the pieces of dialogue exchanged between Pope Francis (Jonathan Pryce) and Pope Benedict (Anthony Hopkins) was rich in history, theology and spiritual dialogue. The most important thing about this piece, is the humanity that is shown by these Holy members of the world. They both had lives before they joined the clergy. 

It was great to see the backstory of Pope Francis and the hardships that he went through, the decisions he made in order to reach the highest level of the church. Pope Francis challenged the ideologies of the Catholic Church and addressed his issues directly to Pope Benedict. There was so much banter between the two of them and it was lovely to see the humour and the humility of friendship befall two people with two different positions. 

It’s such excellent work from this team and a powerhouse masterpiece from Netflix.


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