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Underwater Movie Review

The first original horror film of the year, will definitely take you into the depths of claustrophobia and anxiety. Underwater movie is a film that speaks on humanity and the need for empathy. William Eubanks’ directorial debut was really fresh and exciting. I personally love sci-fi and monster films, so this was a unique take on it.

Underwater begins with Kristen Stewart’s character, Norah, who is a mechanical engineer on the ship. As she was brushing her teeth, she noticed a spider in the sink. I am an arachnophobe, so I would have naturally killed the spider. However, Norah thinks about this poor creature stuck at the bottom of this sink and it’s life was in her hands. She then helps the spider get to safety and moves it away from the sink with a paper towel. Throughout the film Norah’s empathetic nature is put on display and at times, her emotions get the best of her.

I really enjoyed the storyline because the Captain (Vincent Cassel), explained the three part process in order to get out of their current situation. I knew the objective and as an audience member, you’re just strapped in for the underwater ride. The special effects were well done and Marco Beltrami’s score was eerie. The camerawork also made me feel confined to every small space Eubanks put his characters in, while simultaneously feeling the vast darkness and depth of the ocean.

At times, it did get a bit messy during certain scenes involving explosions, BUT the anticipation of what sea monster was lurking in the dark, definitely made up for it. There were humorous moments throughout, courtesy of T.J. Miller’s comedic timing and it definitely eased the tension that Eubanks created. It’s a fun monster movie and it definitely has plenty of pop ups, but it’s worth supporting this original horror piece! So start the year off right this weekend and indulge the horrors of the sea.


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